We're the Metal band known as EUFOBIA and our lineup is:



The name EUFOBIA was chosen from the ancient Greek language where it literally means "fear of good". We started as a trio six years ago, but our band was not very active until 2008 when we started to tour regularly around Europe, traveling with CARNAL on CURSE THIS TOUR 2008, with ONSLAUGHT and SUICIDAL ANGELS on HORNS UP TOUR 2008, with PARRICIDE and ABUSIVENESS on THE GRINCORE BALKAN TOUR II 2010 with KROW on INSEMINATION EUROPEAN TOUR 2010 and with VADER, GORGOROTH and VALKYRJA on THE SIGN OF HELL TOUR 2011. Between those long tours we managed to take many single shows and mini tours, sharing the stage with well known bands such as VADER, ONSLAUGHT, DARK TRANQUILLITY, GORGOROTH, MALEVOLENT CREATION, SINISTER, KEEP OF KALESSIN, E-FORCE, AGATHOCLES, NEGURA BUNGET, SUICIDAL ANGELS as well as with many acclaimed members of the underground brotherhood. We played more than 100 live shows in the last few years, touring in countries like: GERMANY, POLAND, AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, SWITZERLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA, SERBIA, MACEDONIA, GREECE, MOLDOVA, ROMANIA and our Motherland BULGARIA, and participated sometimes in more than one edition of some traditional underground metal festivals like: TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF BLACKNESS FESTIVAL (Rohrbach/Austria),OST MOUNTAIN FEST (Rasnov/Romania), BARROCK FEST (Petrosan/Romania), SATAN KLAUS METAL PARTY (Bucharest/Romania), TATTOO AND MUSIC FEST (Iasi/Romania), DEATH FEST (Oradea/Romania), BRUTAL FEST (Iasi/Romania), BRUTAL ATTACK FEST(Chisinau/Moldova), ONSLAUGHT METAL FESTIVAL (Kikinda/Serbia), THE POWER OF METAL (Sofia/Bulgaria), TRIBUTE TO CHUCK SCHULDINER (Sofia/Bulgaria), UNITED UNDERGROUND (Sofia/Bulgaria), WINTERSTORMS (Sofia/Bulgaria) and more.

Our first Official Album, called "INSEMINATION" was released in January 2010 by the Romanian label AXA VALAHA PRODUCTIONS (www.myspace.com/axavalahaproductions). The record was produced by one of the best Bulgarian producers D.Velchev in STAIN STUDIO (www.stainstudio.com). The artwork was done by one of the most famous Eastern European graphic designers C. Chioreanu from TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA (www.twilight13media.com). The biggest Bulgarian distributor of Rock and Metal music WIZARD (www.wizard.bg) was chosen to take the local distribution in the country, while SEVARED RECORDS (www.sevared.com) took the distribution it the U.S.A.

At the beginning of the following year 2011 we were ready to release our second Official album, called "CUP OF MUD". The album was produced once again by D.Velchev and the artwork was done yet again by C. Chioreanu. For this release we inked a deal with WIZARD(www.wizard.bg), a company known for its partnership with almost every single major metal label or distributor in the world. One of the biggest distributors of Metal Music, the German company TWILIGHT-VERTRIEB (www.twilight-vertrieb.de) took the worldwide distribution of the album. Two of the album singles "CRUEL CHILD" and "FROG" were included in following compilations of the cult German Metal magazine LEGACY (www.legacy.de) while "CRUEL CHILD" alone was included in a compilation of the Serbian NOCTURNE MAGAZINE (www.nocturnemagazine.net) as well .

Eufobia has a good number of Official Videos, shot working with B.Karamfilov for "CRUEL CHILD", "FROG", "VIOLIN" and "PISSING SQUAD", and with A.Stojanov for "MALIGNA", "RAIN OF SNAILS" and "JUSTINE". Those videos are available for watching online at the video section of our Official Website (www.eufobia.com) or at the band's Official YouTube Channel:

YouEufobiaTube (www.youtube.com/user/YouEufobiaTube).

The best place for finding any information about EUFOBIA is our Official Website (www.eufobia.com). On this page everyone who is interested in our band could learn the latest news, check for our upcoming shows, watch our Official Videos, or find the best way to contact us. Our Official Website however is not the only place where people could learn more about EUFOBIA online. We have Official Profiles in the most popular social networks like:

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